Different Ways Of Mounting Photos

People mount photos for a number of different reasons. The most common reason for mounting photos is to display them. Mounting photos is another name for hanging them. Many people mount photos all over their houses. Popular places for mounting photos include dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and corridors. People also mount photos in their offices and industries.

Using wall brackets:

Wall brackets are an excellent way of photo mounting. They can be easily installed on any surface. They are especially useful with walls made of cement. They can also be used on walls made of plaster, wood and concrete. They come in a range of sizes and shapes. The smallest wall brackets are only a few inches wide but they can hold up pictures as large as four inches. The average size of a wall bracket is three to four inches. Most wall brackets used for mounting photos are smaller than five inches in width.

Wall brackets are classified according to their size and material. Sixty to seventy percent of wall brackets are made of metal. Non-metallic wall brackets are very rare. This is because wall brackets made of metal are firmer. Brass is the most common constituent element of wall brackets used for mounting photos. Brass is very durable. The average life of a brass wall bracket is four to five years. With proper care, a wall bracket can be used for as long as ten to twelve years. Wall brackets are corrosion resistant and can handle a lot of weight. Steel is also commonly used to make wall brackets used to mount pictures. As mentioned above, wall brackets are compatible with a variety of surfaces but are most common with concrete walls.

With the help of nails:

Nails are a simple way of mounting photos. Most photos only require a single nail. The size and type of the nail to be used depends on the size of the photo. A large photo needs a large nail and vice versa. Most nails are made of steel because it is long lasting. Larger paintings and pictures can be mounted using more than one nail.  The nail can either be hung on the back of the photo itself or can be used with string. Many photos have a string on their back which is used to hand them. Hanging photos is one of the ways of mounting them on walls.

Some photos are hung using frames. The frames make the mounting process easier. The nails can either be struck into the photo itself or they can be struck into the frame. Both methods are used with varying results. Using a frame makes the entire process of mounting a photo much simpler. The frame to be used should match the photo.

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